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Taking Control of Your Finances and Your Future
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Taking Control of Your Finances and Your Future

You have been trying to make your marriage work for longer than you can remember. Now all the struggle has finally accumulated to the point where you know in your heart it’s time to consider the alternative. Divorce. You never wanted to be divorced, but now it feels like this is the best thing for you and your family. Women, Divorce and Money; Taking Control of Your Finances and Your Future can help.

Navigating the stress that comes with divorce will be difficult, however in the middle of this stress, you will need to make some critical financial decisions about your future. Your friends will be telling you what you should do, your attorney will be asking what you want to do, and you might not know what you need to do. To make good financial decisions, you also need to feel good about yourself! Your new financial life and your new outlook on life must work together.

In Women, Divorce and Money, Taking Control of Your Finances and Your Future, CPA Dave Stolz shows you what to expect before, during, and after your divorce. He combines His experience of helping women with the financial aspects of divorce with stories from women who have been through it. This book is a combination of information and motivation. Information about the process of divorce and basic financial planning, and the motivation to power through all the stuff that is heading your way.

The difficult road of your divorce can lead to a beautiful destination, but it’s not automatic. You need to make the best decisions for yourself during your divorce so that when it's over, you can focus on looking forward to your new life, and not backward at decisions that were made.

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My hope...

After spending (too many years to count) helping women with their divorce I decided that I would try to write down some of the things that I have learned to try and help more people. The result is this book. My goal is to provide the financial planning information you need to make good decisions along with the encouragement of stories from other women who have been through their divorce. I hope this will be of help to you!

Please let me know if my book was a help to you. Send me a note or stories I would love to hear from you!


I would love to hear your thoughts about my book. Maybe a story that I can use that will help someone else going through divorce, or a part of the book that was especially helpful to you. Just drop me a note! 

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